Friday, July 30, 2010

Convention Day 2 Pictures

Good Evening Stampers!

So today, I'll be sharing pictures of day 2 of the Stampin' Up! Convention. I hope you enjoy reliving with me the fun I had while in Utah. It was a blast and I honestly can't wait till next year!

Here's Shelli Gardner on the main stage during General Session. Everyone in attendance looks forward to hearing Shelli talk at Convention. She is so energetic and enthusiastic and she always shows her love for all of us! Can't say that about very many Presidents and CEO's of other companies! I also always look forward to seeing what new outfit she'll be wearing each day. I have yet to see her in something I didn't like!

This is the stage in the Gathering Place where Shelli was taking pictures and signing books. I had her sign my name badge and my Convention Booklet. I'll try to remember to take a picture of them and post them soon. The girls and I (Yolie and Maria) took a picture together while waiting for Shelli to show up.

While waiting in line, we ran into Sherill Graff, the wonderful list mom of the yahoo group: Late Night Stampers! She is an amazing woman and does so much for her fellow demonstrators through her online group. As you can see from her lanyard she has attended many conventions and received many awards, like I said she's amazing! It was great finally meeting her in person, and she was so sweet and fun. =)

Yahoo, my second picture with Shelli! I can't believe after attending 4 Conventions I was able to take pictures with her 2x at just one! It was great meeting her in person, she is soooo sweet and loving! To be honest, I was a little star struck when I first met her, but who wouldn't be?! I found out while talking to Shelli, that her Great Grandmother lived in Montebello, CA! I was quite shocked because if you don't live out there, it is not a very well known city. That was quite exciting to find out that I shared something in common with Shelli!! =)

And here's a group picture with my wonderful Stampin' Up! Family. It turned out to be a great picture if I do say so myself. From Left to Right: Maria Carillo, Me, Shelli Gardner, Yolanda Tamayo, Ann Corley and Martha.

Make share to come back tomorrow, I'll be posting pictures of some of the goodies I received and bought at Convention. You won't want to miss it!! =)

Have a great night and Happy Stampin'!

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